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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Video: Equality Ride returns to Brigham Young

As I’m sure everyone knows, this is the Equality Ride’s second time at Brigham Young. The administration again refused to negotiate on-campus dialogue. Stop organizers Matt and Kourt knew that students were ready and waiting to talk about these issues that are literally life-or-death for too many Mormons. They organized presentations, dinner meetings, and discussion groups for our three days in Provo, UT. I would estimate that over a hundred people participated in the events while we were there. The Equality Ride brings a much needed conversation to campuses unwilling to have it on their own.

On our last day there, we moved our events closer to campus. A six-hour march around campus to make ourselves readily available to students, a press conference at the main gates of the school to let the community know of BYU’s refusal to dialogue, and an evening rally in nearby Kiwanis Park to give a voice to the Brigham Young students.

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