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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tis how we roll

I have been called queer. I have been called a faggot. I have been compared to Satan. I have been refused prayer. I have been asked to leave. I have been deemed unworthy to talk about faith. I have been refused entrance to worship. I have seen friends arrested for talking about Scripture. I have known people who have tried to kill themselves because they were taught being dead would be better. They know ones who have succeeded. I have observed silence in the face of real concerns. I have felt apathy concerning prejudice. I have had my love compared to adultery, pedophilia, incest, and bestiality. I have been told that just by being, I am sinning.

There are still places I am unwanted, still places I am unworthy, still place I am unwelcome, still places I am unsafe, still place I am unloved.

This is why we go.

1 comment:

Adam said...

we're here, we're Queer, get over it!

That should be your responce for everything you hear... ever.

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