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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Reactions from the school

I often hear from schools and individuals that don't wish to engage in dialogue with us that Soulforce and the Equality Ride is simply about protesting, about being in people's faces, about not respecting private property, about being a media spectacle, etc etc etc.

These things could not be further from the truth. And it is hard for me to even understand where these accusations are coming from when I get back from a campus, tired and sore, after 12 hours worth of spirit-filled dialogue.

If the Equality Ride is about anything, it is about frank and honest conversations where all parties can learn and be enriched. I'd like to share some reactions from students, faculty, and administrators after our visit:

"I appreciate greatly your integrity in the process of meeting us on campus."


"appreciate the way you all have engaged our campus"

"impressed with how genuine" your desire for dialogue is

"I think it's been a good day"

Some people were expecting "narrow-minded, abrasive, and in your face--and you weren't that at all"

I think those kinda speak for themselves.

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