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Monday, February 26, 2007

Southern California Send-Off

The four Southern California riders had our send-off last night and it went off (in my opinion) perfectly. Good friends, good food, good times. Though hosting it on the television sound stage was a last minute decision, I think in the end it worked out nicely. I would post a picture, but my camera battery is dead and thus, no pictures. Many of my friends came out to support us and it was a blast having them all together in one place as I'm preparing to ship out.

I was a little skeptical how playing a clip from Equality U would turn out. Unlike many other Soulforce/Equality Ride events/fundraisers, this one was attended primarily by friends and family members. There weren't many (or any?) "community members" or "donors" or "concerned citizens" -- it was just friends coming to see us off. I thought it might be a little too weighty for them, but then I would have been underestimating our friends.

The clip was stirring and I couldn't help my well up just a little bit. Afterwards, Laura Davis (originally from Missouri) came up to reiterate how excited/proud she was that I was a part of the Equality Ride. She said, with tears in her eyes, "Thank-you so much for doing this. Those are my friends. They just don't know. I saw a lot of them go out of state to college and have their eyes opened up but a lot of them are still there. They just need this to come to them. I Thank you." I was floored. (And a little teary-eyed myself) The outflowing of support that I have received from my friends in this endevaour has been encouraging. I know I will need it in the weeks ahead. I'm glad that they got to see a little bit of what I will be doing.

I told Laura when we stopped in Olathe, Kansas I would find a tall building and try to look into Missouri for her. It reaffirms why I am doing this ride. Every life matters. Every change counts. When we go to Kansas, I'm going for Laura. And that is reason enough.

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