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Friday, February 02, 2007

Website Updated

Soulforce has updated it's page for the Equality Ride and you can now view it at www.equalityride.com or www.soulforce.org/equalityride. It is complete with an overview of the ride, some pictures and stories from last year's ride, profiles for the 2007 riders, and the complete list of schools we are visiting (along with their policies).

You can view the EAST ROUTE here and the WEST ROUTE here.

Some highlights include Notre Dame, BYU, Trinity Bible, Yellowstone Baptist, George Fox, and Bethany Lutheran. Be sure to check out the complete lists for both schools.

I am coordinating the West Bus stop at Pepperdine University. If you are interested in coming up to support the ride or are connected to Pepperdine in some way (current or former student, faculty, staff, family, community, etc) please contact me for information on how you can get involved. We can always use supportive voices and assistance.


Adam said...

That little Pepperdine macro you made is cute

Brian said...

Thank you.

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