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Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is your Cardboard Testimony?

My friend Sam shared with my yesterday about how his church recently did "Cardboard Testimonies" and today my friend Kelly from Summer Staff witih YoungLife updated her status with a link to the following YouTube video

What would my cardboard testimonies look like?

Ashamed of my love | Loved by the One

Trapped in secrecy | Freed in Christ

Treading water with my faith | Reignited with passion to follow the Lord

Disorienting darkness | Illuminating light

Ability to have meaningful relationships crippled by fear of being gay | God showed me that I am created by God and it is good

Filled my life with parties in college | Filling my life with God today

Always look for ways to make and store up money | Giving away more than ever and finding different sorts of treasures

What do yours look like?

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