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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Starfish Called Enoch

Filmmaker and missionary Seth Chase created a video to be used at fundraisers and awareness building events in London for the Pilgrim program, it's been adapted to challenge people all over the world. Take a look at A Starfish Called Enoch

Whether it's microlending, participating with the ONE campaign, supporting reconciliation work in Africa or something else entirely, please share in the comments what you'll do to help change the world?


Casey said...

Not looking to brag, just to get things started a bit...

- Started a micro-loan with Kiva.com (inspired by Brian) to a woman in Cambodia.

- Donate platelets every week or so when I'm in LA.

- Support Soulforce actions (naturally) financially and through direct participation where possible.

- Volunteer occasionally at church homeless ministry, helping with meals and donating clothes.

So yeah, that's me - what're other folks up to?

Brian said...

Thanks for getting things started Casey. Your short but powerful list made me realize that I might not have fully understood how easy it is to begin changing the world.

Spirit & Flesh said...

I change the world in both big and small ways. I have a part time job as an openly gay chaplain at a hospital. I'm also out to my congregation. I do advocacy work in my community such as a transgender forum I organized. I've also worked on the national level with Goodsoil to change discriminatory policies in the Lutheran Church as well as the HRC's Clergy Call to Justice. I'm also involved in homeless and immigrant issues as well. Check out my blog! http://jesuslovesgays.blogspot.com

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