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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Looking for an ethic of life

When young people die in war, it's only a soldier.

When civilians are killed in the crossfire, it's a cost of war.

When doctors kill unborn babies, it's only a fetus.

When governments execute adults, it's only a criminal.

When thousands of children die of hunger abroad, it's not a cost our taxpayers should shoulder.

When foreigners perish in genocide, it's not our place to intervene.

When humans are dying, when is it not our place to take a stand? Do we really value life?

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Joey7777 said...

Maybe too many people don't care when it's people from the "other" side. You being a Protestant with an Irish name visiting (enemy) NYC should understand that. The black and tans were beasts, but I've made up my mind never ever to blame every English citizen or Protestant (American or English).

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