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Endeavoring to define myself outside of a "job title." I'm a nomad of sorts who fell in love with technology, activism, and helping others. I run a web & media consulting firm, have a blog specifically for activists & non-profits, and travel often. I love talking about theology, politics, and social change. I love doing something about it even more. I also like to be a well-rounded and fully present person. That's why I write here. Connect with me on twitter

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Checking In

I have been a lot spinning around in my head over the past few months. There is a lot to talk about but it is overwhelming to even think about how to say it and say it well. Grace, justice, God's will, my life, my future, my walk with Christ: it's all been stewing, enhanced by some great time reading in Scripture.

More recently there was this week's WeWo service, today's sermon on Micah 6:8. Connection's discussion on Lent, discussions with Sam about Passion, and general reflection. Life has been challenging and rewarding and I'm looking forward to getting it all out it writing.

But for now, there's the Super Bowl.

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