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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tresspass Notice

You are hereby notified that you are on private property owned by the Universirt of Notre Dame. As a private property holder, the University has the right to tell you that you are not wanted on university property.

By copy of this notice, the university official named below is providing you with written warning that you must leave, and not return to, any property owned by the university. If you should be found on university property in the future, you will be arrested for criminal trespass. A copy of this notice will be retained by the university for that purpose.

After mass and lunch today I gave my friends Jennifer and Landon a map to the local church where we will be having a function later tonight. Shortly after I spoke with a gay student who expressed his excitement that we had come to his campus. He's allowed to be out he says, but it is uncomfortable everywhere. He told me that he feels uncomfortable speaking in classes. For the first time, I understood that being silenced for being gay was real. A university official informed me that I was not allowed to pass out information to students and since I had done that, I would be officially warned for trespassing.

Rider Justin Hager gave a student a pin when, upon seeing her friend wearing one, she asked him for one. He was asked to leave.

Rider Emil Pohlig gave a gay student more information about our events tonight. He was asked to leave.

Two Notre Dame students who spoke to a group of other students in the Student Center had their information taken down for possible disciplinary action.

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