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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do I Believe?

The calling toward seminary or divinity school has been on my heart for a year now. I am settling into New York City, my family is a short trip away, I'm getting involved with social justice and LGBT activism in the city, Marble Collegiate Church has quickly become a home-away-from-home for me, work is exciting, and life is good.

"Life would be great if I didn't know any better," I often tell friends. But I do know better. I know that our global community is in the middle of a food crisis, I know that war is tearing up countries in the Middle East and Africa, I know that politics have been polarizing and divisive in the supposedly United States, and I know that a generation is aching for something deeper. I love my job, I think that I may have the best first job imaginable, though I am obviously biased. But I'm not quite sure how long I can stay put.

Blaine Hogan created a video showcasing Mars Hill Grad School and it captures in words, songs, and images my thought process as I weigh my future. Thanks to Stef, a YoungLife leader from my high school for the tip.

"what if..." an mhgs short film from difted on Vimeo.

Am I ready?

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