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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Get Passionately Pink with qubo!

qubo, the bilingual children’s television I work for, is participating in Passionately Pink for the Cure, a campaign to raise bothqubo is Passionately Pink for the Cure funds and awareness for breast cancer research. Breast cancer has touched my life in personal ways, affecting close friends and family friends.

qubo is going Passionately Pink for the Cure on October 31 and you can join us. Go to our team page, donate at least $5, and make sure to wear pink on October 31. We'll send you a pink button and some sweet qubo shwag.

You can talk about breast cancer, the campaign to raise money, and just generally make a statement by creating a sea of pink in your school, office, church, or community group. Take a picture of your pink outfit and send in stories of how you're changing the world by changing your clothes.

I was busy preparing for our season-end board meeting and thus am sadly not in this picture:(

Visit http://www.komendonations.org/site/TR/Events/KomenTR?team_id=64791&pg=team&fr_id=1040 right now to get on board!

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