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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A New Project: Work In Progress

Hello All Points In Between Readers,

It has been quite a long time since I posted here. Since then, I read a lot (and talked a lot) about gender, race, sexuality and privilege. I scaled back my ambitions in an effort to not take up less space. But I forgot what was right under my nose, a motto I recite often: “We live in a land of abundance.”

So why am I starting to write again? For one, I love my life and I want to have a record of it. If nothing else, this new project is an endeavor to keep track of the bliss that is living my dream.

Why else? Folks–friends and strangers alike–say, “Wow, that’s really awesome!” And yup, it is. I want to share that.

Some basics

  • I work from home and set my own hours
  • I took a 50% paycut and nine months later, have more in my savings account then when I left my job (and I bought an HD video camera).
  • I give away more money (and stuff) than ever before
  • I am not part of a multi-level marketing scheme

Today I am officially launching my website, Work In Progress. I'd love for you to check it out, leave a comment, subscribe via RSS or email, and/or otherwise let me know what you think.

Work In Progress is the on-going story of ditching my 9-to-t, embracing radical love, practicing thoughtful resistance to the status quo, and realizing that it's not difficult as it looks. It's also an invitation to join me on this journey, to share with me of yourself and your life, and to grow together.


I'm looking forward to the adventure!


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