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Friday, December 14, 2007

Live Blogging Sam on THE WHEELZ

7:31: "We make dreams" ... it's going to be a great night!
7:32: Sam gets "Bingo Night" in 2.5 seconds AND high-fives the Southern woman next to him
7:34: Sharenda is screaming "BIG MONEY!!!!!" ... does she realize this is Wheel of Fortune and not Whammy!?
7:35: Sam wins the first round. Fight On! And he's jumping up and down. A lot.

7:39: The "Big Money!" phenomenon has spread to the southern woman on the other side of Sam. Dear Sam, If you yell "Big Money" I am calling friends off.
7:40: That was the most excited "L!" I've ever heard. A child at heart! He has used up all the vowels twice now. And won the second round.

7:48: Sam "Lost A Turn" this round. I'm sitting out in protest.

7:50: With only 3 letters on the board, he manages to get "Country Roads Take Me Home"

7:53: "Explain to me again how you solved that puzzle. You're not a life force from another planet are you?"
7:54: "Who did you bring?" "Yoda brought his mom"
7:55: DHC: Dailyz, Hamz, Cleanz. Glorious. + Pistachios + $58,000 + a crying mom from IOWA = a great way to end the show! Oh, and there was more jumping up and down. Duh.


wonder wong said...

Um, it's Dailz thx. :o)

Brian said...

I can't keep track of the Zs

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